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Eagle’s Nest Offers Pet Friendly Lodging in Big Bear Lake, California!

PET POLICIES There is a $15 per day charge per pet. ONLY the Sierra Madre Cottage Suite, Alpine Getaway Cottage Suite and the Highland Cabin allow pets. NO other B&B rooms or Cottage Suites allow pets. Pets MUST be acknowledged at the time of making a reservation. You are responsible for your pets and pet caused damage. On Eagles Nest property, pets must be kept on a leash.
There is a $15 per day charge per pet. ON EAGLE’S NEST PROPERTY, PETS MUST BE KEPT ON A HAND-HELD LEASH, 6 FEET IN LENGTH OR LESS. Please do not bring pets to the office. Please review the pet policies below to be sure that they are workable for you and your pet(s).
  1. Pets can not be left unattended in the room. There will be a minimum additional $75 charge if pets are found to be in the room with no supervision.
  2. Pets must be housebroken.
  3. Clean up after pet in the yard. Do not allow your pets to use the lawn areas for going to the bathroom. Please let us know if you need a shovel and/or bags. There is a minimum $25 charge to your account if dog waste is not picked up.
  4. No pets on furniture or bedding unless its covered. Eagle’s Nest provides sheets for covering furniture. Pet hair removal from furniture / bedding will result in a minimum $25 charge per piece of furniture to your account.
  5. Use of Eagle’s Nest room linens (except linens specifically supplied for pet use) or pillows for your pets is not allowed. Guests will be charged for replacements or cleaning.
  6. No pets are allowed in the planted garden areas.
  7. Guests are responsible for any damage caused by pets.
  8. A “pet bag” is provided for your convenience. There are 2 bowls for food and water, a towel for drying feet etc., linens to cover the bedding and sofa, pet treats and a toy. The basket, 2 bowls, sheets and towel are to be left after your stay. Any missing items will result in a $20 charge to your account.
  9. Any non compliance with this check list could result in charges being added to your stay.
Thank you for your cooperation in complying with these policies. As owners of your pet(s), you are solely responsible for your pets actions and agree to not hold The Eagles Nest or its owners liable for any pet caused damages to persons or property. You must keep your pet(s) on a hand held leash, 6 feet in length or less when outdoors on Eagle’s Nest property.